PreNeed Systems was founded by Mark Iles in 1988. That year, he left a successful career selling life insurance products for the Principal to return to our family’s funeral homes located at Des Moines, Iowa.  His initial assignment:  Build our funeral homes’ pre-arrangement sales program in response to a competitive threat.

Shortly after completing that task, he began to offer his services to other family owned funeral homes located in the State of Iowa.  Not long after, Mark’s brother Mike Iles and his wife Kim started a branch of PreNeed Systems serving funeral homes located in Texas.

From these humble beginnings, PreNeed Systems has experienced steady growth and is now one of the largest organizations offering pre-arranged funeral marketing services in the country.  In 2013, the organization through its various endeavors experienced funded pre-need funeral sales in excess of $80 million.

A couple of factors distinguish PreNeed Systems from others and they all stem from the fact that the principals of PreNeed Systems also own and operate a successful six location funeral home business serving central Iowans.  In doing so, we would not recommend to a client funeral home a practice we wouldn’t also employ in our own funeral homes.  Due to this, we value and have enjoyed long term relationships with both our client funeral homes and sales counselors.  

Dating back to our founding, we have largely used the products of Homesteaders Life Company and currently use them exclusively.  Towards the objective of securing a successful future, the quality of the funding matters quite a lot and we have always believed and continue to believe that the products of Homesteaders Life Company provide a solid foundation on which to build a successful program.  There are many reasons that Homesteaders is the right answer for almost any funeral home large or small, and we would be glad to explain these reasons to you.  Please call Mark Iles at (800) 869-7704 for more information.