Services Provided

Complete Turnkey
For funeral homes that recognize the strategic importance of a successful pre-arranged funeral sales program but donít either have the resources, desire or expertise to implement one, they hire PreNeed Systems under an exclusive marketing agreement to implement and operate their program for them.  In this arrangement, we aim to secure a 50% ratio of funded pre-need sales to the number of adult regular services performed by the client.  We also seek to attain the strategic objective of at least a 125% replacement ratio of new pre-need contracts relative to maturing pre-need contracts, this objective is important in order to grow the pre-need backlog and its long-term benefit to the firm.  

Custom Turnkey
For funeral homes that desire to retain operational responsibility over the operation and results of their program, seek to remain the General Agent of record and have an on-site sales manager.  
In this scenario, PreNeed Systems may be able to provide consultative and/or administrative support in one or more areas that we have expertise in.   Examples of these areas include:
Lead development and management with administration provided using our proprietary contact management system.
Consultative assistance in hiring and developing a pre-need team sales manager.  
Consultative assistance regarding developing a complete sales management process that includes managing individual counselor activity and productivity.  
Consultative assistance regarding hiring, developing and keeping in production family service counselors.  
Consultative assistance with administration included of custom counselor payroll applications designed to improve margins and reward profitable behaviors.  
Family Service Counselor Continuing Education and Training provided through interactive web based programs delivered on a quarterly cycle.  
To explore custom turnkey support in more detail, please contact Mark Iles at (800) 869-7704.

Contact & Lead Management Systems

Description of Service:
Progressive Funeral Homes understand the importance of a robust pre-need contact and lead management system as a critical factor in the success of their preneed outreach programs. Operating such a system, however, can be difficult to implement, expensive to maintain and technically challenging to keep operational.  For customers who wish to outsource what often can become an expensive, unproductive headache, PreNeed Systems offers a proprietary pre-need contact and lead management solution.  In addition to maintaining the hardware/software platform, our solution also includes trained administrators who handle all administration enhancing the value of this offering significantly.  Currently, we offer this solution to funeral homes in two different variations:

    • For funeral homes with one or more full time pre-need sales counselor(s), we offer a turn-key contact and lead management system.  This system manages all counselor leads from all sources.  Examples of lead sources might include direct mail return leads, un-funded prearrangement file leads,  cemetery lot owner leads, relatives of families served leads and start-up leads created due to the counselors own prospecting efforts. The system communicates with each counselor daily letting them know who they are to call that day. Following each call, the counselor reports back to our administrators what action is to take place by using our convenient PNS-CMS web based portal.  Our administrator records the action step and time frame in the system and when the time comes, the system notifies the counselor a call is to be made (with a complete history of all prior contacts made).

      Implementing this solution allows the counselor to maximize their productivity prospecting and meeting with families interested in learning more about prearrangement. For accounts with more than one counselor the system is especially robust. For example, the system can manage lead protection rewarding counselors for their tenure and work ethic.  In addition, the system is programmed to provide comprehensive reporting to sales managers letting the manager know which counselors are caught up on their lead follow ups and which are not. This information is crucial to making informed hiring decisions.

      In summary, this variation is our most comprehensive offering and is being used by Funeral Homes all over the country. Funeral Homes using this system to its full potential yield a more productive pre-need outreach program creating more sales which benefit the funeral home. We provide complete training to ensure you get the most value from using this system*.  A list of references from funeral homes serving 200 to 2000+ at-need families per year is available upon request.

      *Our owners also own a multi-location cluster of funeral homes with a team of prearrangement counselors representing them.  This system was developed and refined for their use in 2003.  The system was then offered to customers of Homesteaders Life Company as a value added benefit of using Homesteaders as the exclusive funding source.

      • For funeral homes that donít have a full time counselor representing them but rather write pre-need business themselves, we offer a more limited contact management solution. We market this solution under the name - The Passport System.  The Passport System is designed for funeral homes that generate the majority of their pre-need sales via walk-in and call-in prospects.  Further, they generally wish to remain the General Agent of record and as such benefit from the commission stream generated from their pre-need sales. The Passport System offers three principal benefits. The first is an outreach program to increase the amount of walk-in or call-in prospects by as much as 20%. The second is to extend the service area of the funeral home beyond what is typical and the third is to preserve todayís buying habits in the midst of ever changing consumer preferences.  This variation of our contact and lead management system focuses solely on marketing to relatives of families being served by the Funeral Home. Our administrators locate relatives of families served who live in the immediate or extended service area and place their names and addresses in the system. Personalized letters and/or cards are generated and sent to each relative in the system for one year following the funeral/memorial service of their family member.

        Research shows funeral homes using The Passport System consistently with each family served see an increase in their walk-in/call-in pre-need results. This is because The Passport System was designed to leverage research by Homesteaders Life Company.  Homesteaders research shows 3 of 4 individuals who purchase an insurance funded pre-need plan attended a funeral or memorial service within the prior year of purchasing their pre-need plan. The Passport System thereby helps the funeral home target an audience more receptive to the message of prearrangement.  You can learn more about the Passport System by hitting the following link Ė  Also, a list of references from funeral homes handling 50 to 2000+ at-need families per year who are using this system is available upon request.

      What funeral homes do we target with these value added services?

      Most funeral homes would benefit from one of the contact and lead management solutions described above.  In order to narrow down the target list, however, funeral homes owned and/or managed by progressive managers would likely see the benefit of these value added services the most.  This is a value added offering paid for by Homesteaders Life Company.  This means Homesteaders will pay us to provide this value added service to the funeral home free of charge as long as the funeral home agrees to use Homesteaders exclusively for all their funded pre-arrangements.

      Marketing Organization Support

      For other organizations who like PreNeed Systems provide third party pre-arrangement marketing services to funeral homes, we provide a wide menu of support and tools that they can use to help them grow and prosper.  If you would like to learn more contact Mark Iles at our sales headquarters office (800) 869-7704.

      Consulting Services
      Because we own and operate funeral homes, we can offer consulting services on numerous topics including customer satisfaction survey and tracking, management information to measure and reward success and licensed employee compensation strategies.  For more information about this category of services, please contact Mike Iles at our administrative headquarters (800) 677-0969.