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Helping funeral homes provide preneed funeral arrangement opportunities

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PreNeed Systems can help your funeral home generate leads specifically for preneed planning.

Founded in 1988, PreNeed Systems was born out of a need to help our own second-generation, family-owned funeral home in central Iowa gain a competitive edge in our market. After seeing our program increase preneed leads for our own funeral home, we expanded services to help other funeral homes.

Today, PreNeed Systems has helped independently owned funeral homes add more than $1 BILLION in prefunded funeral arrangements to their files.

Don’t wait to grow your preneed arrangements.

Book a call with PreNeed Systems and discover how you can get programs and services designed to help your funeral home serve more people.

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Meet the Team

Mark Iles

Founding Partner

Mark Iles is the founding partner of PreNeed Systems. He is also president of Iles Funeral Homes. Mark formed PreNeed Systems in 1988 after successfully building a preneed program for his father’s funeral homes. Since that point, he’s made a career out of helping other funeral homes build their own active preneed sales programs. Prior to that, he worked as a career agent for the Principal Financial Group in Dallas, Texas. Mark utilized the same set of skills that he sharpened while working for the Principal Financial Group to build these preneed sales programs. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Iowa State University.

Mike Iles


Mike Iles is a partner in PreNeed Systems. He is also the chief financial officer of Iles Funeral Homes. Mike has worked for PreNeed Systems since 1990. Prior to that, he worked for IBM in both the sales and marketing departments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska and a master’s degree from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

David Iles

Managing Partner

David Iles is the managing partner for PreNeed Systems. He is also the assistant general manager for Iles Funeral Homes, where he is a member of the third generation to join the business. David joined PreNeed Systems in 2019 after working in Chicago for Arthur J. Gallagher’s corporate real estate team. David is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned bachelor’s degrees in finance and entrepreneurial management. David loves building relationships with our funeral home partners and working with them to grow their preneed business.

Katie Iles

Manager of Finance & Administration

Katie Iles is the manager of finance and administration for PreNeed Systems. She also serves in this role for Iles Funeral Homes, where she is a member of the third generation to come back into the family business. Prior to joining PreNeed Systems in 2022, Katie worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Chicago office. During this time, she earned her CPA license. Katie is a University of Iowa graduate and holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting and finance.

Lori Crabb

Vice President Sales

Lori Crabb is the vice president of sales. She joined PreNeed Systems as a family service counselor at Iles Funeral Homes in 1989 and was promoted to her current role in 1993. Lori’s passion for preneed and funeral homes makes her a valuable asset, and she manages more than $30 million in annual sales for her customers. With expertise in all levels of marketing strategies, Lori works with funeral homes of all sizes to design programs that best fit their needs.

Brandy Armstrong

CMS & Fulfillment Manager

Brandy Armstrong is the contact management system (CMS) and fulfillment manager. Brandy began her career with PreNeed Systems in 2006. Her work ethic and dedication quickly led to her promotion to team lead, and then to the manager position. Her team currently provides contact management services to several hundred funeral homes in support of preneed sales, generates preneed leads through mailings to bereaved families, tracks daily touchpoints, and provides sales management reporting.

Don Branjord

Executive Administrator

Don joined PreNeed Systems as the executive administrator in 2021. Don came to PreNeed Systems with over 20 years of business office management experience. His focus has always been on ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction through effective management of personnel and streamlining processes. Don enjoys solving problems as they arise and provides assistance to the entire team in various capacities.

Melisa Richeal

Floating Administrator

Melisa Richeal began her career as a touchpoints administrator in 2013. Over time, Melisa also became fluent in the responsibilities of a full program administrator. Due to this, both teams utilize Melisa. She loves being able to help in many different areas as well as learning new things. Melisa strives to complete her job thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Aimee Strahl

Touchpoints Team Leader

Aimee Strahl joined our team in 2016 as a full program administrator. Aimee was very quick to learn the roles of a full program administrator and formed great bonds with the counselors who she supported. Aimee’s strong work ethic and high attention to detail caused the firm to promote her as our touchpoints team leader.

Kim Reason

Full Program Administrator

Kim Reason came to PreNeed Systems in 2020 after working 28 years as an underwriter assistant at Continental Western Group Insurance. As a full program administrator, Kim works closely with several preneed counselors. Kim enjoys the relationships that she’s built with her preneed counselors as well as the other members of her team.

Kelsey Green

Full Program Administrator

Kelsey joined the PreNeed Systems team in 2022 as a full program administrator. While Kelsey is a newer member of our team, she is quickly learning the responsibilities of her role and enjoys assisting her preneed counselors on a daily basis.

Kelsey Walker

Full Program Team Leader

Kelsey Walker is the full program team leader for PreNeed Systems. Kelsey began with PreNeed Systems in 2018, where she started as a full program administrator. In 2022, Kelsey was promoted to full program team leader based on her strong performance. The team that she oversees works with preneed counselors on a daily basis to assist them with any issues they may have within their Contact Management System (CMS). Kelsey handles training for our full program administrators as well as the preneed counselors who utilize our CMS.

Kelsey Jordan

Commission Payroll Administrator

Kelsey Jordan started with PreNeed Systems in 2020 when she joined our touchpoints team that works with funeral homes who don’t have their own preneed counselor. It did not take long to determine that Kelsey is a very hard worker who is able to take on multiple responsibilities within our office. In 2023, Kelsey made the move to our commission payroll administrator.
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