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Most would agree that successfully managing follow-up interactions with those you serve helps differentiate you from your competition. Yet with so many other responsibilities, staying on top of this is easier said than done.

Through Iles Funeral Homes—the funeral homes that we currently own and operate—we’ve been able to test, tweak, and constantly improve the marketing strategies that are being used by our funeral home partners. Here are services we offer that can take the work off of your plate and grow your preneed arrangements.

Touchpoint Aftercare Program

As funeral home owners, we know how precious the families you serve are to you. We also know how important it is to show these families your continuing support. It can be challenging, however, to manage this process along with your other responsibilities. Our Touchpoint Aftercare Program helps funeral homes continue to show support to the families they’ve served through thoughtful cards, an at-need survey, and letters.

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Direct Mail

An important aspect of any active preneed program is allowing people to indicate when they’d like to receive additional information on preplanning their funeral or a loved one’s. An excellent way to accomplish this is through direct mail surveys.

PreNeed Systems helps our partner funeral homes:

  • Identify target individuals in your market through demographic research.
  • Create messaging that will resonate with these individuals.
  • Track and nurture all follow-up activities with the individuals who indicate that they’re interested.
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Lunch & Learn Presentations

Offer your community another option to learn more about the process of preplanning. Lunch & Learns provide people with a no-pressure opportunity to engage with your funeral home.

PreNeed Systems can help you to:

  • Organize and plan a Lunch & Learn.
  • Get attendees to your event through physical and digital marketing efforts.
  • Provide not only the presentation, but someone to present.
  • Get attendees on your calendar!

Through our presentation message and delivery, on average, more than 80% of attendees sign up for follow-up appointments to discuss preplanning needs.

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Contact Management System

While many preneed companies use some sort of Contact Management System (CMS), ours is truly one of a kind. Unlike most CMS offerings, ours is proprietary, having built it ourselves. In addition, we provide our funeral home partners with a real-life administrator.

Your administrator is here to:

  • Print and send all aftercare touchpoints on behalf of the funeral home.
  • Ensure you are using the CMS tool the correct way through one-on-one training. If your CMS becomes gummed up with incorrect information, it quickly becomes a nuisance instead of an asset.
  • Help manage your database of contacts. This can be used to ensure we don’t send marketing materials to families that have already funded or have indicated that they do not want to be contacted.

Our CMS is accessed through our secure online web portal, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

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Preneed Counselors

A dedicated preneed counselor is a great way to take your preneed program to the next level. PreNeed Systems can help you find the right person to join your team!

  1. With your approval, we’ll identify and hire a counselor in your market.
  2. We’ll train your counselor. We do this by having a new hire shadow our already successful counselors as well as on-site training at your funeral home.
  3. We’ll manage and motivate your counselors to ensure they’re comfortable, confident and productive.
  4. We’ll provide them with the tools they need to be prosperous. This includes a custom CMS tool to track leads, Touchpoint Aftercare support, direct mail, and Lunch & Learn events.
  5. We’ll regularly review the progress of the preneed program with the funeral home. This keeps all parties on the same page and driving toward the same goal.
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Don’t wait to grow your preneed arrangements.

Book a call with PreNeed Systems and discover how you can get programs and services designed to help your funeral home serve more people.

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